Get to know our story.

These are some of the most important moments in our 30 years as a Bureche family.

Who We Are

We are a school where differences are valued and learning rhythms are respected. We support and encourage our students to be academically excellent and to be ethical citizens who make responsible decisions in a global, competitive, and changing world. We train people concerned about current problems and are committed to creating a better world.


In 1990 Bureche Kinder was born as a stimulation center for children. As it grew, it became a kindergarten, offering families in Santa Marta grades Kinder 1 through Transition. Due to the the city's great reception of this pedagogical proposal, the decision was made to give life to a new dream called Bureche School. In 2000 it opened its doors, and in 2004 it opened its country headquarters. From the beginning, our purpose has been to develop and maximize the abilities of students in a bilingual and multicultural environment through active learning methodologies.


In February 2019, we joined the largest educational network in the country: Redcol. This, under the premise of creating "a better world through better schools", has educational platforms with different models of education, according to the interests of each family. Bureche School is part of the schools focused on international and global models. Our high school graduates receive diplomas from both Colombia and the United States.

June 2019

Thirty years ago, a dream called Bureche Kinder was born. Ten years later, Bureche School was founded.

September 2019

We celebrated the tenth anniversary reunion of our first graduating class. We will always be very proud of them!

July 2022

We became part of the IB Diploma Program community with which our students have the possibility of receiving a triple degree: Colombian, American and International Baccalaureate.

August 2022

We incorporate the High Scope teaching method for our preschool grades. This international curriculum promotes active thinking, planning, critical thinking, and problem solving.